• Altera Cyclone FPGA kit

Development board resource description:

1. the main chip: using Altera's Cyclone seriesEP1C3T144

2. 4 separate buttons: as interactive input device, keyboard design below, we use the keys for more convenient use.

3. 4 digital: digital uses transistor drive. Learning digital static and dynamic scanning display technology. You can do electronic clock, frequency meter, counters and other experiments.

3. 6 LED lights: do marquees, water lights and other tricks lights experiments, but also as a device status display.

4. Double-bit 8-way DIP switch: used to make two-way or multi-channel digital logic circuit experiment

5. the clock: use 50MHZ active clock, close to the actual application.

6. IR receiver IC: You can use VS1838 and so do the infrared receiver receives experiments, scalable infrared remote control keypad.

7. the temperature sensor DS18B20 interface: learning "bus line, 1-Wire" newsletter, do thermometer, temperature alarm device.

8. Buzzer: accompaniment of music do experiments, such as the alarm sound.

9. serial processing MAX232: This synchronous asynchronous serial communication as the level of conversion, do synchronous asynchronous serial communication experiment.

10. DS1302 clock module: can be used to develop electronic clock, calendar, with a backup battery, so the clock never stop.

11. LCD 16-pin interface: 16-pin compatible LCD interface with luminosity debugging resistors 1602 line character, bitmap-type 12232 and so on.

12. LCD 20-pin interface: 20-pin compatible LCD interface, with backlight adjustable resistance, the bitmap can be in-line type 12864 and so on.

13. the power part: using multiple sets of dual power LDO module to facilitate supply to each module.


14. FPGA configuration module: use of large-capacity memory chips EPCS4, board with reconfigurable keys.

15. AS and JTAG download interface: You can download the program directly through the JTAG interface to the FPGA chip, or have the program downloaded to the AS-Interface memory chips, power-down data is not lost.

16. Power expansion port: You can extend the output supply voltage 3.3V, 5V, GND interface, easy external power supply.


17. extended IO port: In addition to developing the use of the IO module board, the board uses pin lead 28 IO, can be extended to other external devices.

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Altera Cyclone FPGA kit

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